Mesotherapy is a cosmetic technique that aims at rejuvenating the skin appearance of wrinkles and fine lines.

It also improves the appearance of skin pimples resulting from post acne conditions.

The device used for the treatment is called microneedling, it is made of small needles that penetrate the upper layer of the skin and stimulate the fibroblasts to create collagen whose role is to strenghen the tissues.

Over the years, the body ceases to produce collagen and this reduction makes the skin less firm, resulting in wrinkles and fine lines.

We recommended making a series of treatments once every four weeks until you reach the desired effect.

After the treatments the skin will look fresh, there will be improvement in areas of fine lines and wrinkles and on skin elasticity.

The results will vary from person to person due to factors that affect each skin differently. 

High Life Glamour strengthens the power of mesotherapy by using peptides (short chains of amino acids) that impact facial innervation and fatty acids.

Our therapeutic products also contribute to a quick, effective and correct treatment of the skin after using the device.