About High Life Glamour

High Life Glamour was founded in 2012 by Miri Dom chemical engineer with 36 years experience and Smadar Akiva,
former operating room head nurse, cosmetic instructor and cosmetician.

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The company manufactures cosmetic products both for cosmeticians that work in institute and for end-customers when cosmeticians have the products adapted to them.

The products are manufactured in our two facilities in Israel, with raw materials from Israel and around the world, many of which are international award-winning products.

The products are active and have achieve noticeable change in the skin in all the cosmetic field.

All the ingredients and preparations made by High Life Glamour are approved by the Ministry of Health and are considered to be the safest while being active.

The company has developed a special expertise in facial and body skin problems as well as various skin diseases or treatments needed after medical and / or cosmetic procedures using devices as we will detail below.

Regarding anti-aging, the company uses all the world’s most advanced and active ingredients that affect the nerve that triggers muscle contraction as well as ingredients that stimulate fibroblasts to produce collagen.

High quality moisturizing ingredients that allow the release of moisture all day and fatty acids that protect cells from free radicals and other damaging molecules.

Acne skin condition: the company offers a variety of preparations that provide an alternative to medication, and will not cause any side effects and irritations.

Pigmentation: we have created revolutionary products that remove the dark spots while strengthening the layers of the skin without irritating like other treatments.

Signs of post acne and scars : The products developed by High Life Glamour contain revolutionary peptides that greatly impact collagen and fibroblasts and hence, within a certain period of time using the product, the skin will be much more even, smoother and the scarring marks will significantly fade.

Regarding mesotherapy we offer and advanced technique that can be set up so the needles will not cause any pain.

Products for foot sole care and treatment

The products designed for foot treatment are particularly suitable for diabetics suffering from cracked and sore feet etc.

the company also created products that treat nail micosis and foot sole.

In addition, the company uses techniques that maximize the results in anti-aging treatment and post acne conditions using mesotherapy equipment.

The company aims at “bringing” something different and revolutionary to the world of cosmetics and give emphasis to change in the skin without side effects and / or itching.

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